Djeeg'n meets Chriselle Lim

Nadinez-vous chooses Djeeg'n Lisa dress to meet Chriselle Lim!

Djeeg'n dress at chriselle Lim with Nadinez-vousDjeeg'n Lisa dress with Chriselle Lim and Nadinez-vous
We are honored to have been chosen by Nadine of Nadinez-vous. She came by the studio looking for an outfit that will make her proud and confident and left with the superb Lisa dress in black and golden mandjak fabric, a headwrap and a gift for dear Chriselle Lim. Thank you so much for your trust.
Click on the photos to read Nadinez-vous post on her meeting with Chriselle Lim or here to check out the rest of her fabulous fashion blog.
Love, Aïssata
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