Pretty little things by Djeeg'n

Pretty little things by Djeeg'n

Tie and dye Djeeg'n bantu balai new collection

If you follow me on Instagram you have probably seen me in this lovely purple dress by Djeeg'n. Djeeg'n means woman, and they represent us well. As you all know I am a girls girl. I am all about women supporting other women. 

When Aissata Ba reached out to me about this collab I couldn't say no. While browsing her site, I noticed the beautiful bright yellow bracelets that add the perfect pop to almost any outfit. I wore these bracelets with my rocker tee and ripped jeans and I dressed them up with the lovely purple number below. I chose this purple cocktail dress because it is relaxed, feminine and the perfect length. 

This dress is both weighted and thin, which means I can wear it in the summer months and in the winter months. I love the symphony and the opera and I can see this piece making an appearance at both. In the winter months I can throw on a leather jacket and go, which is a plus!  

Check out Djeeg'n and purchase your one of a kind piece that supports us! Don't forget to leave me a comment and a link to your blog post, so I can see how you styled it! 

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djeeg'n by Aissata ba

Baby doll dress by djeeg'n

djeeg'n by Aissata ba design

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