About Atelier DJEEG'N

Welcome to Atelier DJEEG'N!

Our brand is an inspiration from the word "Djiguën," which means "woman" in Wolof, a Senegalese language. We believe that every woman deserves to feel happy and confident in her own skin, and that's why we create clothing that's made to fit every queen's curve and beauty.

Atelier Djeeg'n Headwrap Queen Aissata Ba

Our founder, Aïssata Ba, draws inspiration from her Senegalese roots, Parisian upbringing, and decade-long experience in New York City to create pieces that are unique, vibrant, and culturally rich. We recently expanded our offerings to include clothing for newborns and children, as well as home decor that celebrates cultural diversity.

At Atelier DJEEG'N, we are passionate about preserving traditional Senegalese culture, which is why we use fabrics with specific Senegalese tie-dyeing techniques as well as locally handloomed fabrics, African lace, damask fabrics and other African prints.

Atelier Djeeg'n African Fabrics 

We're also committed to sustainability and providing employment opportunities for local artisans. We're proud to announce that we've recently opened a workshop in Senegal, where part of our offering is now made by a Senegalese team. And, in an approach to reduce our ecological impact, we are committed to reducing waste by reusing our fabric scraps for the creation of new products and patchwork fabric that we use for certain creations.

Atelier Djeeg'n Workshop in Senegal

Our slogan is "Express Your Culture," and we want every customer to feel proud and confident in their cultural diversity. As a black-owned brand, we understand the importance of representation and inclusivity, and we're dedicated to creating a community where everyone feels seen and celebrated.

Thank you for choosing Atelier DJEEG'N, where you can express your culture with pride!