Orange is our new Black!

Look on trend and classy all at the same time. I love, loooove midi length everything and this Salma midi dress I made for my customer  from my new Parisian atelier, is currently my fall favorite. I wanted a shift dress for fall but it had to be below the knee and a bit heavier than silk so I went for a stretch cotton damask that I paired with mesh sleeves with a little opening at the shoulder. Dang! I was not expecting it to be so so perfect!!! But is was, particularly that little shoulder detail that gives away some sexiness while in this very classic lengthy dress.

Salma midi dress, Shoulder detail Djeeg'n

Djeeg'n tie dye clothing

Salma midi dress by Aissata Ba

Fabric: Cotton damask weaved in a snake pattern, and mesh.

Print: Hand dyed using wax stamps.

Color: Orange is extroverted, it’s a confident color for our confident women. It, calls for communication, dare and communication. It will make you feel warm and joyful. It will stimulate your creativity, and attract people to you while making you all feel happy.

Silhouette: a little shifted for easy pull over.

Styleish clothing by djeeg'n

Dresses and coats Djeeg'n

Stylish clothing by djeeg'n

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